Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Mason

Welcome to the world- Mason!

Our baby boy arrives in style- one of the hottest days of the year, 3 days of labor and then on Labor Day weekend no less- I should have know right then that he was taking over!

My baby boy is turning 5 and its breaking my heart into pieces... Its gone by way too fast and part of me wants to keep him little forever.

My dear sweet Cobbies---You have become such a great little guy and I could not be more in love with you. Your stubborn, sweet, kind, bossy, wild and have the most amazing imagination. I love your wit, your spunk and you crack me up to no end!You love to dress up and are always coming up with some crazy character. Keeps the house lively to say the least! I will NEVER forget this- your 1st Easter program at pre school- you were so ticked about your "ruffle" shirt... (Sorry Ms. Valerie, I thought they were beyond darling!)
Your sense of adventure and wonderment of the world are a pleasure to watch! You have opened my eyes to things that I would never notice.
You love your little brothers and Daddy endlessly.

Your birthday always fall on or around Labor Day and its perfectly appropriate as you my friend, are indeed a labor of love who has taught me patience (sometimes) and given me the best gift ever- being your Mom...

Happy 5th Birthday to my Pirate, Police Officer, Army man and most of all- our little buddy. Thank you most of all for just being YOU!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family Vacation

Our sweet cottage on the beach

We recently took a road trip with the kiddos to Pirates Pearl Beach in Galveston. We really wanted to get away but really hadn't made any solid plans and since summer was flying by, we needed somewhere close and drive able- and oh yeah--- BEACHY! So this was our pick. Here are some highlights, LOTS of pics and a look at the family fun we had...

Cobbs Cove (wish it was ours)- so fun, immediately made the hubs pull over for a picture.

We spent lots of time just playing in the waves, hunting for shells and making sandcastles. It was perfectly wonderful to be sandy and dirty all day and just chill with my favorite boys....The boys found tons of crabs and carried them around in their buckets all over the beach. They loved seeing them crawl out and back to the water.
No coast trip is complete without a Ferry ride. My boys loved it and were enamoured by huge vessels that passed by. We got to see lots of dolphins jumping out of the water and playing as well. Mason was convinced they were sharks.... Note to self: No "Shark Week" for kids the week before our beach trip...
Of course we had to let the boys do a little a little shopping. They all picked out cork pop guns, Pirate canteens and Mason a new skull cap. Please note Logan shooting the innocent passerby and Brady who has safely tucked his gun into his shirt. Mason has been drinking "rum" from his canteen since the second he got it.... Before we knew it, the time had come to pack up again and head home. (As always, there's NO place like home) but we had a great week and made lots of new memories. I hope your having a super summer and have your own stories to share.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Beach Buckets

Before.... Plain ole' Target dollar aisle buckets......


I wanted to surprise the boys with buckets of new beach goodies for our coast trip. My crafty friend has this Cricut cartridge that I borrowed and used to make their new buckets extra special! I stuffed them with toy boats, new rattan beach mats, goggles and and other little boy ocean necessities. I didn't get a picture of them all put together because they tore into them so fast- but you get the point. DARLING, In my humble opinion....

We found a lagoon with hundreds of crabs....

Mason proud of his captures! I could not get him to leave- he loved digging in the sand and finding these crazy crabbies.

The twins were in awe of these little critters!